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        1. Graphic artists — plan, analyze, and create visual solutions to communitions problems.

          I am a problem solver. I love to look at your design needs from the root level and come up with solutions that are creative and original but most of all - will work for you and your needs. Branding and continuity are important in promoting your business and I will work with you to establish and maintain your marketing material.

          Branding Strategies

          It is critil to be aware of your brand experience and have a plan to create the brand experience that you want to have… a good brand doesn't just happen.

          Print Design

          Print layouts require an experienced eye for the details specific to page layout. Typography techniques are essential in print and have a direct impact on how the reader interprets content.

          Website Design

          I create visual experiences on the internet. My task is the creative design of web pages, the goal is to create pages with a specific design, a uniform graphic set, and eye grabbing details.

          UX Design

          User Experience Design takes your users needs into account at every stage of your companies lifecycle, from usability of your website to adding a product to your rt to receiving the email invoice.

          Current Projects

          Some samples of projects I am currently working on or recently finished.


          Paul not only designed my new website, and he did a fantastic job, he also developed the concept I had for new business rds and letterhead. A real talent. I would recommend Paul to anyone.
          Ib Petersen, Barrister

          Paul is a gifted designer who understands and anticipates a clients needs. He appreciates the importance of walking a client through the process, allowing us to participate in seeing an idea take shape and become practil online tool in the delivery of content. We learned a great deal from Paul and benefited from his talent.
          Michael French, Associated Film

          We have worked with Paul for over 5 years and have been continuously happy with his creativity and professionalism. Paul takes great pride in his work and has always met project deadlines. As event planners of medil conferences our websites and documents require a product with a sharp image and user friendly aspect. Paul is extremely efficient in coming up with this combination and adds a creative and unique design to our events. His input has been instrumental to our company's success. We have really enjoyed working with Paul and appreciate his friendly and approachable manner.
          Nancy Hay, HayMatick Meetings & Events

          When Paul created the brand for Tip A Wee Dram, we had no idea how it would take off. The look and feel of the posters and the tasting program for the event well represents the image we wanted to create when we first conceptualized this whisky tasting fundraiser. Each year, Paul has been very easy to work with. I highly recommend his services.
          Shauna Jones, Tip A Wee Dram

          I’ve worked with Paul over the past few years on a number of projects, and find him to be very helpful, knowledgeable, and creative. I would happily recommend Paul to anyone looking for a web designer.
          Ken Davies, ImageMAKER Development Inc.

          Paul works diligently whenever I need him to provide the technil support to maintain my website. This enables me to successfully run my business and promote my art.
          Jane Richardson, Leighdon Studio Gallery

          Donations and Sponsorships

          10th Coquitlam Scouts, Website
          New View Society, Website
          Tip A Wee Dram, Fundraiser Marketing Material

          Get A Quote

          Give us a ll at 778-231-6701 or email hello@ with some details and we'll get you a quick quote.

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